Kat (crazy_lil_kat) wrote,

Pretty Little Liars Bases

I've always been a huge fan of [info]dont_be_so_base.

Dunno how many bases I downloaded there, without even using them.
I am a huge Pretty Little Liars Fan, haven't heard of the books before but I saw the trailer for the Pilot and decided to watch it. Living in ireland means, that you have to wait, until it's online somewhere ;-)
So I decided to make some Icons, but lazy me couldn't find any bases. I then decided to make my own. Got 250 out of the promopics of the first 8 episodes and since I always liked to relay on bases made by others I wanted to share these.

Click on the picture to download the bases



Please Comment if you want them 
Do not claim them as your own work

Please credit me or [info]dont_be_so_base

  These Bases have been up for 12 hours and 10 people downloaded them, without commenting. So I am sorry but I protected the zip-file with a password. I don't wanna be mean but it took me quite some time to get these and now everybody's taking them without even thanking me.


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